The Government of West Java Builds Bureau Administration Economy Print
Written by Administrator on Sunday, 27 February 2011 04:47

Jabar Provincial Government as a majority shareholder to form "FORUM-BUMD" to build a business sinergy among local enterprises in West Java with the spirit of Synergy Building Jabar.

Bureau administration  economy as the coach and the board of directors and commissioners of the environment of local enterprise company has compiled JABAR stewardship organizations and enterprises JABAR FORUM working agenda with the goal of establishment of business synergy between local enterprises and optimize the role of enterprises in development.

administration economic burueau established by the provincial government to carry out Vision and Mission as follows:


Being "COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA INTERACTION BUREAU" to build business synergies between enterprises that are effective, efficient and professional. "


  • Develop synergies between the business and professional enterprises proportionately so terbagun strategic alliances in developing business enterprises in western Java.
  • Develop media campaigns and publications together effectively and efficiently in accordance with the role and competence among enterprises - JABAR.
  • Provide a means of reporting and interaction between the Provincial Government with all of local enterprises are owned by the government of West Java Province.

While the main tasks and functions of local enterprise forums as a medium of communication and interaction to develop business synergy between local enterprises WEST JAVA and as a medium of communication, coordination and reporting to the Government of West Java Province as the owner of shares owned enterprises has been formulated in conjunction with major main tasks are:

  • Organizing a forum for communication to build business synergies between business enterprises within their respective competencies - each company.
  • Develop promotional media products and services of West Java, local enterprises so as to achieve the target objectives of regional and global markets.
  • Organizing exhibitions, seminars, promotions together to build competence and business alliances at the regional and international scale.
  • Establish effective communication and proportional to the West Java Provincial Government To synergize with the policy direction of development of West Java.
  • Manage Web Portal Forum Communications among enterprises as a medium of communication, interaction and networking Cyber Promotions through the media.
  • Managing the Magazine Publishing Media News of local enterprises as communication between local enterprises, business partners and the provincial government and the media business promotion, products and services from local enterprises in West Java.

Management, and agenda of activities FORUM - JABAR enterprises fully submitted to all Directors danmanajemen enterprises, while the provincial government JABAR only act as an initiator and facilitator for the formation of inter-FORUM COMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS enterprises to build synergy in supporting development in the region of West Java.

FORUM Agenda jabar local enterprises for the period of 2011 have been compiled together, which in the near future will be Business Expo, exhibition and seminar on "Repositioning And Optimizing the role of enterprises in West Java development."

Agenda of the business forum has been planned for the first week In March 2011, which will be opened by the Governor of West Java, followed by business meeting and expo / exhibition of products & services (Services) of all enterprises JABAR and its business partners that have already begun doing business in WEST JAVA.