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Written by Administrator on Sunday, 27 February 2011 04:46

JABAR Provincial Government as the owner of enterprises, facilitating the issuance of WARTA local enterprises as a media campaign and the interaction between local enterprises so as to align VISION, MISSION and synergy in developing business for development, especially in the region of West Java.

News BUMD - JABAR is a medium of information and promotional products - products that are managed enterprises JABAR internally by management and directors are expected perseroansehingga managed professionally with the spirit of togetherness to develop the business so that local enterprises - JABAR can grow and develop according to the principles of good corporate governance.

Media promotion and communication in the era of global competition and alliances become a strategic tool to build a Corporate Image, so it's time FORUM enterprises - JABAR manage the news media to facilitate the publication of local enterprises with business partners and deliver Prospectus cooperation with investors, traders and buyers on a regional scale and global.

Publishing prime news - local enterprises is planned in March 2011 with the main topic Synergy between enterprises in supporting development. Inaugural issue will contain the main report of an interview with the Governor of West Java with the topic "The government policy of West Java province in repositioning and optimizing the role of local enterprises to support the development. Business forum will be filled by the Bank BJB as Regional Bank with the topic "The role of post-IPO BJB Bank in supporting the corporate sector and SMEs".

News enterprises planned to periodically published quarterly by topic in accordance with the development of the business world, monetary policy and regulation that occur regionally or nationally so as to inform the uptodate news & issues to be able to be used as references in business planning for members FORUM ROEs.

Congratulations on publishing News BUMD - JABAR, with a spirit of togetherness, united vision, align and synergize step in developing a business to build a business empire that advanced, independent and professional in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance principles. (Editors FORUM - local enterprise).